We believe that it is imperative for children to have the confidence and opportunity to explore, investigate and try new things in a supportive but challenging environment.

All pupils are increasingly aware of the new skills that they have an opportunity to develop within Art alongside understanding the need to study and learn from relevant and diverse artists and designers of the past and present. Lessons will always aim to build on cultural capital alongside the guidance of the Art knowledge and skills progression objectives below, which are embedded within our 'Being More' curriculum.

It is our aim to provide children with a wide range of experiences in a multitude of mediums, all of which are set out below and within each year group curriculum. I’m doing so, our young artists increasingly understand the importance of the process of developing a final piece rather than just a finished product, practising and considering the different ways in which they can use their new knowledge and skill in Art to fine-tune, develop and hone their approach to any given medium and style of Art and Design.


Art and Design Curriculum

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